Formed in 2008, Lomature began as a company that managed third party inflight service systems such as Paxia and Sabre, for a number of airlines.

By 2012 we had shifted our strategy towards developing our own end-to-end SaaS inflight management and administration application… PROMEUS. This cloud-based software allows both airlines and inflight suppliers, to plan and administer full inflight services efficiently and cost-effectively.

Fast-forward to 2022 and Promeus has converged with industry leaders globally, supplementing their inflight systems with streamlined digitalisation and enhanced useability.

Our strategy has evolved to become the leading provider of IFS systems, whilst diversifying and supporting other cloud-engineered applications across various industries, such as dairy logistics and manufacturing. Contact us to discover how Lomature can optimise your business today!

Virgin Atlantic
A valued customer for over 15 years, our relationship with Virgin Atlantic is a special one. They were the first to adopt our infight service system, Promeus in 2012, a pioneering move for the industry. Since then, we have embarked on a journey which has revolutionised the way in which inflight services are managed.
As the world’s oldest airline, KLM uses Promeus menu administration to effectively plan, provision and price inflight services for the huge number of flights they have each day.
JetBlue were the first US airline to harness the abilities of Promeus in 2018. Their unique requirements led to the development of the Item Master module, giving the ability to plan and provision menus at the recipe level.
Kuehne + Nagel
The collaboration of Lomature and Kuehne and Nagel began in 2023. Together, we assist JetBlue in the management of their inflight services through consultation and the administration of Promeus.
SJ Bargh LTD
Our work with SJ Bargh was a venture of diversification for Lomature. We were tasked with re-platforming their invoice management systems. success depended on the fusion of SJ Bargh’s knowledge of the dairy industry, and Lomature’s technical apparatus of development expertise.
Joseph Heler
Similarly to SJ Bargh, Heler harnessed our expertise to re-platform their invoicing systems. This work further enhanced our burgeoning knowledge of the dairy industry, enabling us to hone our craft and provide the most beneficial service. Our work with joseph Heler continues to this day, via hosting and software enhancements in a fruitful long term relationship.
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Promeus is a full end to end catering system provided to our customers as an SAAS


Managing your inflight services can be a complex and time-consuming affair – Lomature can help.


Our PRINCE2 certified project professionals can manage your project and put it into action


Our full end-to-end inflight cloud-based catering system.


We can manage Promeus and all third-party inflight catering systems.


We can manage any project at any magnitude and any stage of its lifespan.

Flight Plan

Advancements in technology have transformed the process of flight planning, empowering airlines and pilots with sophisticated tools and software to streamline operations and enhance decision-making.

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The success of your airline depends on the quality of the inflight services you offer.

Take away the logistics of meal planning, dealing with suppliers, invoicing, and flight details such as passenger numbers and you’ll finally have time to focus on getting your passengers happy and content.


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The success of your airline depends on the quality of the inflight services you offer. Yet the logistics of dealing with suppliers, and getting your airline ready to serve your passengers, can sometimes be fraught. Put simply, Lomature make it easier to get the best out of your in-flight services.

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Some of the world’s major airlines benefit from Lomature’s professional knowledge to improve performance, save money and create highly effective inflight services.

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