Catering for Flights – What You Need to Know

In-flight catering can be a complex operation, with numerous variables to consider to ensure a successful outcome. From menu choice to billing there is a range of factors that needs to be considered by both airline and caterer.

One thing within this industry is clear, communication is key!

Whether you are working with local catering sources, your ground handler, or a third-party provider, clear and concise communication will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal: A successful in-flight catering experience for passengers.


Catering for commercial airlines is a complex and ever-evolving process. Each airline has its team of culinary professionals responsible for everything from selecting the food and beverages to packing the fight to paying the caterers.

One main challenge of a caterer would be to ensure that the meal is created and packed following strict safety standards, considering food safety.

In addition to this, each item on a food tray for an in-flight meal needs to be priced and charged for. From the main meal, down to the cutlery and condiments, each item has its unique price that an airline is billed for.

Communication is the key!

There is basic information that every caterer needs access to when catering for airlines. This is something that can be accessed from our Promeus cloud-based system. Promeus allows both caterer and airline to access the date and time of the flight, the tail number, meal specifications, special requirements, and passenger/meal count.

With that Promeus can generate invoices on behalf of the airline through the automated workflow. This allows the airline to see what they are required to pay to the caterer. In addition to this, Lomature can manage this for you, ensuring the correct figures from the caterer against provisions made by the airline, saving time and allowing you to cut down on staffing costs.

Product Availability & Last Minutes Changes

In-flight catering

When placing a catering order, it is essential to keep availability in mind. Both airline and caterer must work hand in hand to ensure that they have the resources available to fulfil your catering order adequately.

This connects to the comment made earlier, Promeus can track those changes for you through its automated workflow. For instance, if you fly from England to Dubai, when the plane lands in Dubai it is reprovisioned for the return flight. Promeus can check these details to ensure there are no potential overcharges as it tracks what has been used during the flight and what product quantity and provisioning the flight should be stocked too. Promeus will validate and automatically approve confirmed quantities and allow the caterer to confirm and adjust exceptional airline requests.


If you’ve got an outbound flight that when at full capacity can store 50 water bottles, during their flight they make a sale of 22 bottles. When the flight lands in the destination country the caterer restocks the trollies and states on the Promeus Flight Bill that they provided 30 bottles of water on the flight, leaving an 8-unit discrepancy.

Promeus automatically suspends just the discrepancy allowing the airline billing manager to focus and review it with the caterer, saving them time and money.

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Our end-to-end catering system gives your company the ability to streamline your in-flight offering, giving airlines the option to focus on passengers and service.

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Get your airline summer holiday ready!

Summer is a time when everyone around the world takes their travels to various countries around the globe. Many people will be jetting off for their summer holiday which means all airlines need to be prepared before the hectic travel season kicks in.

From Menu Administration to Invoicing, Lomature can assist you and your airline every step of the way, ensuring smooth sailing for your airline. From implementation to management of our cloud-based system, Promeus is something every airline should have on board.

Who are we?

Formed in 2008, Lomature Limited specialise in the management and administration of in-flight catering systems. We currently manage and provide top-level expertise and support to our strong customer base across the UK, Europe, and the USA, and for airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and KLM.

In 2012 we shifted our strategy from servicing third-party in-flight catering systems and developed our full end-to-end SaaS Inflight Management and Administration application suite.


The beating heart of Lomature is our Promeus, and with this full end-to-end software, the sky is the limit (no pun intended!). Our ever-evolving strategy provides our clients with class-leading SaaS Solutions, Managed Services, and Support.

Several modules can assist you with streamlining your airline services, including:

Menu Administration – this consists of service plans that incorporate the budgetary information by region, route, or specific flight number and all tax calculations.

Flight Planning – a consolidated view of the planned provisioning for any flight that exists in the airline’s flight schedule.

Flight Operations – used by the supplier to make the changes such as the update of the product quantities, adding and deleting special meals, or products that previously have not been scheduled on the service plans.

Invoicing – generates invoice values from the planning of the flight, through to operational changes, and once the flight has departed.

Document Management – an online portal for storing, distributing, and tracking all airline documents and information.

Reporting – provides sophisticated business information that allows the airline to manage cost, wastage, and performance of suppliers and the business rapidly and accurately.


Along with our market-leading software, we have over 25 years of experience managing competitors’ software from across the globe.

We can manage every aspect of your inflight catering software from most of the major competitors in the market including Promeus.

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The Future of Culinary Tourism

In recent years, there has been a shift in people’s tastes when it comes to food. More and more people are willing to try new things and experiment with different flavours in food and drink as they are allowed to venture out into the world and experience new and exciting things such as food tours, cooking classes and food festivals for the perfect tourism experience.

Food is now seen to be at the forefront of many peoples travelling plans. They will choose a destination based on its cuisine, rather than its attractions. According to a World Tourism Report from 2012 88.2% of people that were surveyed said that local cuisine is the defining element of their travel destination choice.

Whilst the travel industry is being affected by this in a positive light, let’s not forget the other aspects that influence our decisions from social media posts to blogs, there are several reas

Asian Food

ons why we make the decisions we do with culinary tourism.

Social Media

There is no doubt that social media plays a large role in gastronomy tourism, allowing the world to show off their triumphs and connect them to others with similar interests around the world. The largest social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok have made it easier for people to share photos, videos, and reviews of their dining experiences with their online communities.

As a result of social media posts, people are more exposed to different cuisines and dining experiences than ever before and in addition to this, influencers from platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are now being paid to travel and experience the delights of native countries it has become more popular than ever to experience the same things as those you “follow”.


Asian FoodThere are now travellers dedicated to sharing traditional foods from all corners of the world, allowing you to experience new things alongside them or take the journey for yourself. ‘Gastro-Tourism’ blogs are now a thing of the modern world we live in and allow you to express your encounters in native countries and share them with a new age of travellers.

People now go looking for that unique and memorable experience so that they can share it in blogs for others to read all over the world. Many with food and beverage choices at the top of their tourism activity agenda. Bloggers like the Food Travelist and Legal Nomads are highly respected in the culinary tourism fields and are looked at by members of the public for review and assistance when choosing a location, based upon culinary practice.

An Airlines Perspective

Airline moguls such as Emirates and Etihad are seen as high-class airlines in the long-haul flight industry, and these are both aware of the importance of the flyer’s dining experience. Both companies are always on the lookout for the latest food trends so they can offer their passengers the best possible experience and stay current or ahead of their competitors.

Lomature can take care of the ‘hard work’ for airlines giving them the option to focus on other things such as menu and catering choices.

Our full end-to-end in-flight catering services software Promeus, allows an airline to become independent from various software and use one mainstream portal that enables smooth sailing.

From flight planning to menu administration, Promeus can make airline operations hassle-free and easy to manage, connecting both airline and caterer through one gateway making communication and transaction simple.

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