Promeus Overview: Invoicing

The many processes involved in approving and managing invoices are often extremely time-consuming for businesses.

Promeus software delivers an enhanced, streamlined process to manage invoices by providing a seamless digital solution that offers features such as auto-processing of supplier invoices. The invoicing module of Promeus has many great business benefits, from reducing workload to cutting costs.

Customisable invoicing module

Airlines are able to customise the invoicing module to align with their internal financial processes, including the payment authorisation process.

Invoice generation

Airlines can set up the timelines for when supplier invoices should be generated based on the flight details including the counts entered by the supplier in Flight Board/Flight Bill. With a clear audit trail of any changes made to counts or additional requests, it is easy to check for accuracy. The invoice status clearly indicates any outstanding invoices.

If an invoice is pending, the screen displays a fault code to indicate the reason. These can include, a cancelled flight, a change made by an Admin or when an item has been modified, added or deleted.


The system approves most invoices automatically, saving vast amounts of time and work for your accounts team. Accuracy is ensured as the system compares figures from the caterer and the airline.

Security features

Invoicing is a sensitive element of business and security is paramount. Promeus ensures a safe and secure process through a number of features.

Access restriction allows you to allocate visibility and use of the Invoicing module to your accounts team, preventing unauthorised actions and ensuring the process is secure.

This module also displays the audit trail of the invoice in its entirety, providing visibility of any actions as well as the relevant user.

User friendly

The Promeus invoicing screen has been designed with the user in mind, with easy navigation and internal notifications that save time. Invoice editing is simple and exporting files is done with one click.

Improved financial control

One of the key financial risks involved in managing supplier invoices, is that suppliers can be overpaid. Promeus invoicing includes a feature that requires backup documentation to be uploaded from the supplier to evidence any discrepancies. Without these processes in place, airlines can lose a significant amount of money over time.

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Promeus Overview: Flight Board

Promeus technology solutions deliver a wide range of benefits to airlines and there are many valuable features to explore and implement to improve airline operations.

The Promeus operations modules, Flight Board and Flight Bill, export real-time data from the airline’s booking system, enabling the supplier to cater for the flight accordingly. Flight details such as passenger numbers can fluctuate up to a few hours before departure, so real-time data enables faster adaptation and efficiency.

One of the greatest challenges facing the airline industry is adapting to flight delays, which happen for all types of reasons, from weather issues to technical problems or backlogs caused by other airlines. Suppliers need to have access to the latest data to ensure that services can be deployed with accuracy and efficiency.

In Flight Bill, suppliers are able to modify product quantities, add additional products or delete services where necessary, as well as modify special meals for selected classes of service.


Take control of your operations:

Flight Board provides real-time information for passenger counts, aircraft type, cabin configuration and special meals. Furthermore, it uses artificial intelligence to calculate a passenger forecast based on the latest booking figures, and historical passenger counts for that particular route/flight. Optional parameters such as class, passenger meal preferences and specific travel requests are also considered in this intricate automated process. These can be viewed and managed within the Flight Bill screen. This allows caterers to be flexible when coping with last minute changes and alterations.

This high level of detail within Flight Board’s algorithm alleviates the potential for wastage. Caterers can prepare and manage their allocated stock for each flight accurately, without the need for extra work and at minimum expense. This is a stark contrast to traditional methods, where passenger counts were estimated and wastage was often excessive for each flight.

Digitalised methods such as the algorithms within the Promeus operations modules, are paving the way for a fairer, sustainable, cost-efficient future for airlines and their partners.



The dynamic screens within Flight Board/Flight Bill, contribute to effective cost-management post flight. By forecasting passenger counts, caterers know exactly how much to spend on stock, therefore reducing overall costs for airlines.

Supplier invoices are subsequently managed using the Invoicing module within Promeus. This streamlined system ensures that invoices are approved in a timely manner, contributing to efficiency. The Promeus operations modules of Flight Board and Flight Bill, directly supplement the Invoicing module through a stream of detailed, accurate data.

Flight Board and Flight Bill streamline all preparation processes close to departure, accommodating to the requirements of this time-focused industry.

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Promeus Overview: Menu Service Plan

Promeus provides a software suite of powerful solutions that enables airlines to improve their services, reduce costs and excel operational efficiency. One of the innovative software solutions available, is the Menu Service Plan. This delivers a range of benefits, aiding planning processes and menu creation.

There are multiple factors to consider when menu planning, from sourcing ingredients at the right cost, identifying allergens, and operating sustainably. This must all be considered, whilst ensuring optimal menu choice, and maintaining impeccable service for passengers.

A balance between cost efficiency and food quality/variety is imperative for success when menu planning, although this is no easy feat. The Promeus Menu Planning module, provides a detailed interface to analyse all the factors that contribute to successful flight planning and provisioning, ensuring a fantastic experience for passengers at minimal cost.


Key features and benefits of Promeus menu service plans


Cost management and pricing changes

Menu Planning breaks down pricing and other key information for each flight. Prices can quickly be updated by suppliers. These are then subject to approval by the airline. The ability to seamlessly update menus and analyse prices in real-time, ensures versatile communication with suppliers, and streamlines the previously complicated procedures involved in menu pricing.

Filter to what you need

The filter feature allows you to quickly locate the relevant information within the Promeus system.  The variables for this tool in the Menu Planning module include: Plan Type, Supplier, Facilities, Class, Flight Date. This detailed mechanism is simple to use, and allows the user to find the relevant data with speed and precision.

Smart reporting

Producing reports has never been easier. Simply check the rows you wish to export then click ‘Reports’. This exports the selected info into an excel spreadsheet. The report can then be shared with the relevant recipients. This feature further enhances communication and transparency of data.

Easily modify tax rates 

With so many tax variations across international flight schedules, modifying tax rates traditionally causes a lot of work and complications for airline catering services. Menu Planning enables you to quickly update rates such as port fees and state taxes.


Go digital, go green

By implementing Promeus software, you will be harnessing digital methods which are driving airlines towards a more sustainable future. Having an interface which displays all relevant data, dispenses the need for paper documentation, as well as enhancing efficient collaboration between supplier and airline, meaning fewer delays and less work.

Promeus is helping airlines to take advantage of intelligent digital features that reduce time and labour, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

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