Food Innovation Onboard: 3 Different Approaches

Food Innovation Onboard: 3 Different Approaches

The airline industry is highly competitive and airline companies are constantly exploring ways to gain a competitive advantage. Introducing innovative services and improving the customer experience are key to generating new customers and retaining current customers.

With digital solutions evolving at great pace, exciting innovations and ideas are being introduced to all areas of airline operation, including catering services. Airlines are making headlines around the world with creative concepts, and these are three impressive yet very different approaches to food innovation:


British Airways presents the traditional British Roast

Airline menus are often curated to celebrate the local cuisine and culture of the country they are based in. British Airways have taken their catering up a level by offering passengers the most traditional British cuisine possible – a roast dinner with all of the trimmings. Passengers can expect 21-day aged British beef served with roast potatoes, seasoned vegetables and the customary Yorkshire pudding as part of the Best of British menus.


KLM recruit catering robots

KLM Catering Services is believed to be the first company in the world use a robot system in the meal production process. The innovative robot system is able to reduce passenger meal production costs and adjust meal trays, providing a wider range of meals on different types of trays.

Maarten Stienen the MD at KCS said:

“It’s important to continue to innovate and invest, even in these difficult times. It serves to increase the quality of our products. I’m very proud that KCS is the only catering company in the world to apply such mechanization.”


Transavia and Just Eat launch exciting new partnership

Just Eat has become one of the most well-used apps, building a strong reputation for providing a fast, convenient process for ordering takeaway meals around the world. Transavia identified that the efficient food ordering solution could be incorporated into their catering services. The programme has been piloted on flights from Amsterdam to destinations in Greece, Portugal and Italy, giving passengers the opportunity to place an order up to one hour before departure.

Passengers have an option of 10 different meals, including vegan options, that are freshly prepared and delivered by Just Eat to the aircraft and the cabin crew then serves the meals to the passengers. As well as providing passengers with a bigger meal choice, the partnership is also expected to reduce the amount of food waste caused by meals being prepared but not being consumed. For Just Eat, this is just another extension to their services which already deliver to offices, train stations and many other unusual locations.

These three food innovations may be very different, but they all work around the principle that it is vital to continuously innovate and improve catering services. Promeus, the unique Inflight Service operating system, places a plethora of innovative functionalities at your airline’s finger-tips. It seamlessly adapts as other aspects of your airline progress, helping you save time and money

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