Business Intelligence



Making decisions Easier


An efficient IFS system requires accurate monitoring and reporting on anything from budgets to inventories.


We provide a variety of business intelligence and reporting services to help you refine and constantly improve IFS performance, as well as build business continuity plans and budget effectively.


Services include:


Provisioning Audit Reports – ensures all food and equipment services are correctly allocated and provisioned. Boarding Bills issues are identified and dealt with.


Materials Forecasting – optimises interface equipment forecasting, troubleshoots and helps to manage global inventories. 


Invoice Management Reporting – reviews invoices to ensure accuracy, deals with any problems with operational invoice processing, and supports supplier financial reconciliation. 


A detailed report from Lomature creates firm foundations for making those all-important budgetary decisions, giving you more choice and greater confidence.


In conjunction with other service data, intelligence reports from industry leading applications – such as Crystal Reports, Xcelcius and SQL Reporting – can be used to inform cost analysis, financial forecasting and annual budget development. 

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