IT Consultancy


As technology continuously evolves….


Your business must adapt to the ever-changing environment and demands of your customers……


Lomature can provide expert consultancy services in each of the disciplines below:-


IT Due Diligence Audits – When understanding IT risk within a business an exhaustive review enables the decision maker to focus on the most important strategic activities. The review includes Key Personnel Risk, Infrastructure, Software Licensing, Legacy Software, 3rd party support and Disaster Recovery planning.


Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation – Lomature can help create and implement a robust Disaster recovery plan to help your organisation to continue providing a seamless service to your customers and to resume full operation in a timely manner.


Legacy Software Reviews to identify risk within the business. – Lomature will prepare an in-depth review of your system architecture, application functionality and a security audit of your software application.


Creating technical guides user guides for previously undocumented systems – Due to the technical nature and knowledge base of Lomature, our experts are able to review and document system functionality swiftly and comprehensively.


Software Functional Specification Requirement Lomature can offer an end-to-end service from concept through to delivery whist being mindful of your business goals and long-term strategy. We provide independent and impartial advice which is tailored to your organisational requirement.

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