IT Support


Lomature offers a wide range of Managed IT support services…..


On-Site and Remote Support, which can be tailored to suit your individual business needs. Lomature are experts in managing your IT infrastructure and will work closely with your business to provide the best solutions to support your organisational requirements.


Lomature provide IT support services in a package to suit your business.


An alternative to having your own dedicated IT department – the onsite support package is personalised to meet your specific business requirements. There are times when being on-site is the best option. Lomature have dedicated support engineers available to solve any IT related challenge you face.
This package gives you access to our IT consultancy services at a discounted rate for any IT project work undertaken within your organisation.


Our Remote Support Package – If you are a small to medium enterprise, we understand that costs and budgeting are key to success.
The Remote Support Package could be the most cost effective solution for you. The package gives you access to qualified technicians who can remotely solve the majority of IT related issues. It offers office hours support with additional out of hours tailored to your business requirement.
Service Request Resolution can be greatly improved by leveraging the full technical resource of the Lomature support team.
Lomature’s remote IT support means that we are constantly monitoring your IT environment. We can identify and fix network and server issues before you even know about them.
The remote package gives your business the confidence that your IT infrastructure is in safe hands with Lomature.



Call our sales team to discuss your individual business needs….

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