Managed Services

Expert In-flight Services Management


Managing your in-flight services can be a complex and time-consuming affair.


You want it done right, so that your department works at full capacity and delivers a first class service. You don’t want your staff spending time learning how to use the system and troubleshooting when they run into difficulties.


At Lomature, our experts take full control to manage and administer your IFS system, liaising directly with your partners and suppliers to ensure everything runs smoothly.


What’s more, with our specialist knowledge of IFS software such as AirVision, we work to guarantee your system fits the specifications of your airline, allowing your staff to spend time on other crucial areas of the business. 



Lomature offer the following management options:


Complete AirVision Management

AirVision is one of the most versatile IFS software packages on the market. It can be complicated to use, however, so bringing in expertise to effectively manage the system makes a difference. From configuring new stations or routes, to the creation of new user accounts, we fully optimise AirVision for your airline. In addition, we work with Galley Manager and sophisticated planning tools to effectively streamline galley loads and keep wastage to a minimum.



Data Entry

Staff at Lomature are familiar with a number of IFS systems and input all required data in a secure, accurate and timely manner. In addition to physical data input, we deal with any conflicts that come from data entry, such as incorrect invoices or pricing issues. 



Financial Management and Reconciliation

We take care of invoicing from third parties, such as caterers and other suppliers, and check these against rendered services. This means your IFS outgoings will always be accurate and up-to-date. In the event that any discrepancies arise, we’ll contact the supplier directly.




With our extensive experience in the IFS business, we offer expert advice on anything from standardising your IFS system to long-term business planning. Throughout your contract with Lomature, we’ll be on hand to deal with any queries, and advise on how to employ the latest technology to improve in-flight services. 

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