Software Development



Tailored For Your System


Having the right software and user-friendly interface is essential to the smooth running of any IFS system. A system designed for general use often falls short of your airline’s specific needs, so you need something more bespoke.


Lomature create software that compliments your current IFS system, such as AirVision or eGate. We offer a full technical service, from software development to implementation, and guarantee the results will fit your requirements perfectly.


A fully-integrated system that works specifically for your airline is more likely to run efficiently and have less technical problems. In addition, a user-friendly interface will minimise data entry, increase user engagement and lead to a much more effective operation.



PROMEUS – The In-flight Administration System from Lomature


Set budgets, plan provisioning and get detailed reports on any aspect of your service plan. Easy to use and integrates with your suppliers’ system too. An essential tool for streamlining your airline’s in-flight services.


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