How AI is Changing the Aviation Industry

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is such an exciting technology development that has unlimited future opportunities. AI has been implemented to improve safety, increase work efficiency and reduce the time it takes to complete tasks. Almost every industry has benefitted from AI, including healthcare, finance, retail and transportation.

The aviation industry has also embraced the use of AI to deliver some major benefits, from improving air safety to developing more efficient in-flight services. These are some of the top ways that airlines are using AI:

Revenue Management

With the cost of fuel increasing, it is more important than ever for airlines to find better ways to manage revenue and AI has been used to great effect in this area. For example, AI enables airlines to adjust prices for specific markets using data to identify key marketing opportunities such as most suitable destinations and what time a customer is most likely to buy flights or which customers are more likely to buy in high seasons. AI can also be used to learn whether a customer is likely to pay for extras such as baggage.

Fraud detection

With more sophisticated fraud scams targeting all industries, fraud detection solutions have become very necessary. IATA estimated that airlines lose around $1 billion every year through fraud including stolen cards, fraudulent lost baggage claims and many other scams. AI helps to identify potential fraud attempts by analysing data patterns.

Full self-driving

In the same way that the automotive industry has invested heavily into self-driving technology, the aviation industry is making ground on this too. Although this is not yet a reality, AI will be integral in developing safe self-driving planes and in the future, automation could help to improve flight safety.

In-flight sales, food supply and cabin crew

There are so many different processes across in-flight sales and catering services that can be enhanced through AI. Food wastage is a considerable cost to airlines and AI analyses data to accurately predict which meals will be ordered on which flights, and how many meals should be available to minimise waste.

AI can also be implemented to help to reduce costs of food production by analysing which suppliers can provide the most cost-effective ingredients.

Scheduling crew onto flights can be a very time-consuming task but AI helps to review availability and schedule crew members, based on a wide range of factors including flight routes, scheduled days off or holidays, work regulations and aircraft type. Having an adequate number of required in-flight crew members is essential for safety, as well as from a customer service point of view.

AI performs the analysis all of the relevant data to generate huge volumes of work schedules for all the flights operated by airlines on a daily basis, a job that would otherwise require extensive work from a large team of people.

Promeus incorporates AI technology in our innovative software to enable airlines to identify more efficiencies and reduce costs, providing real-time data to support your decision-making.

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