In-flight Catering Dining: Trends to Follow Before It Is Too late

Staying up to date with industry trends is key to any successful business and if you are too late to react, you can fall behind your competitors. There are new trends and innovations being introduced to the airline industry on a regular basis and being early adopters can make a significant difference in profits and cost saving opportunities.

These are some of the top in-flight catering trends to follow before it is too late:

More vegan meal options

A survey revealed that there was a 40% increase in veganism in 2020. As people are increasingly becoming aware of their personal environmental impact, more people are choosing to have a vegan diet. A vegan diet is also healthier than standard diets and restaurants and supermarkets have been adding more vegan options to meet customer demand.

Now forward-thinking airlines have also started to cater towards the growing number of people who want to order a vegan option when they fly. Being able to provide customers with that choice gives an edge over competitors who do not. It also positions the airline as a company that cares about the environment and animal welfare.

American Airlines has already made a big statement by offering vegan cookie dough bars on domestic flights. The plant-based snack bars are also gluten-free and offer a tasty dessert choice for people with dietary restrictions. Given how important it is to protect passengers with allergies, being able to offer an allergy-sensitive dessert option has been highly welcomed.



An airline’s commitment to sustainability is not limited to which meals are on offer, it also includes reducing food waste, developing environmentally friendly trays and cutlery and sourcing local ingredients to reduce transport emissions.

Airlines are investing time into finding more sustainable catering solutions and those airlines who look to be pioneers of sustainable catering stand to gain the most in terms of boosting reputation and sales. Edible cutlery and fully recyclable packaging are a few sustainable ideas that are taking off.


Pre-flight food orders

Some airlines have explored the idea of using services such as Just Eat to enable passengers to order their meal before their flight. A partnership between Transavia and Just Eat allowed passengers to order a meal up to 1 hour before take-off.


Make your own meal

Another airline catering trend that is catching on is giving passengers the option to make their own meal by selecting exactly what they want, rather than having a set meal. This delivers numerous benefits, including reducing waste of unwanted food, as well as improving customer satisfaction. The problem with this approach is that it can be more difficult to serve and may require more work for the flight attendant.

To help ensure that you are able to optimise the opportunities of new trends, Promeus software has a number of features to support your catering service. From uploading passengers’ individual dietary requirements in real-time, to collecting valuable insights for future data-driven decisions, Promeus can make sure you do not miss these opportunities.

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