Post-Covid Travel: What Damage Did Covid-19 Do To Airlines?

When you look back at a time before Covid, we all remember the worst part about travelling was making sure you had everything you needed. Jump forward to 2022, in a post-Covid world, where summer holidays have turned into a time of uncertainty and dread in some cases.

Travel companies and travel insurance businesses have all been affected, alongside airlines and airports. Looking from an airline’s perspective, Lomature has found that the holidaymakers aren’t the only ones suffering in this post-covid economy.

Staff Reductions

Since Covid, airlines have seen a dramatic decline in staff. From airlines having to lay staff off to employees finding other incomes and jobs to provide for their families during that time, there are many reasons why there are now reduced staff at airports.

British Airways laid off 10,000 members of staff during the pandemic, including cabin crew. Many of these staff had to find a way to earn an income during that time and unfortunately for the airlines, many became quite comfortable in their new careers.

Now with the lift in travel restrictions and the surge in bookings, airlines couldn’t re-train and re-hire members of staff. However, BA are not shy of the challenge, they are holding “winging ceremonies” almost daily and fast-tracking crew through training to ensure that they can meet the demand of post-pandemic travel.


Airlines themselves were not the only ones affected. Airports had to lay off staff due to the lack of demand for them and now it can be imagined that many of them are regretting this.

Birmingham International laid off half of its staff during the pandemic and is now finding itself in a recruiting race with Manchester Airport to hire all the staff that they can.

Both airports are currently training new members of staff for their security teams. However, with having paid some staff to leave, they are finding it difficult to bring those same staff members back. Some airports are offering one-off cash bonuses whilst others are offering increases on pay rises in order to entice staff to come back.

Either way, airports and airlines are feeling the effects of this post-pandemic financial crisis and are looking at how to cut costs whilst improving their efficiencies across the board. Lomature can help with this, read on to find out how.

Introducing Promeus

Our full end-to-end inflight catering system, Promeus, can assist any airline with making the transition from the pandemic easier than ever.

Promeus will not only cut the airline’s costs but save manpower and time as well. With the ability for both caterer and airline to make real time and last-minute changes, complexity around ever changing flight schedules and ways of working are no longer a problem for your inflight catering service.

In addition to this, Lomature has 25 years of experience dealing with and managing third-party inflight systems on behalf of airlines, allowing you time to focus on the easy stuff!




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