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Menu Administration and Tendering


Cost effective menu management with reduced wastage


So many factors go into delivering a first-class menu service on board, it seems like an impossible task to miminise wastage and make every penny or dollar count.


But Promeus helps you do all that and more. Simply by entering the data for any given route, you can see the exact amount of provisioning you need from each supplier, and make sure it comes in right on budget.


You can also use it to evaluate tenders from service providers to see just what impact their offerings will have on your services.


Promeus is a secure piece of software, tailored to suit the needs of your airline and accessible only by authorised users.


It is also incredibly versatile. You can track all changes and alert other users to any amendments that are made, as well as clone service plans so that adjustments can be made to similar documents without having to start from scratch.


Use Promeus to view information according to the following factors:





Using service description, supplier code and pricing data, Promeus calculates total costs, taking into account raw materials, yield/wastage, lab cost, man minutes and delivery. Promeus also interacts with other pricing/invoicing systems (using xml messages) to automatically transfer pricing information without your staff having to enter the data separately.





Details provisioning for all routes associated with a service plan, whether for multiple or individual routes.  Filters by service type and route(s) to target the information you want to see.  Columns can be filtered to compare provisioning across routes. 




Presents all service information for a particular route, including provisioning, class, meal quantities, per-passenger and total costs, budget, taxes and specials meals.





Provides you with a clear view of the budget and actual cost information based on the services provisioned, expected passenger load and special meals per route.





Includes taxes and fees (recoverable and non-recoverable) in the route costing data to help you accurately assess the impact on route and per-passenger costing. Screen allows you to test the tax set up before applying it to the service plan.




In addition, Promeus produces detailed reports and summaries – available in a variety of formats – to help you quickly make informed decisions. All summaries and reports are easy to read and displayed on a simple, user-friendly interface.



When receiving tenders from a number of suppliers, you can use Promeus to calculate the impact on specific service plans, and compare prices at a glance.


Suppliers are allowed temporary access to input relevant figures, meaning you can make informed judgments without your staff having to input data themselves.


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