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Manchester & Lomature

The North Westof England is a hub for exciting and innovative businesses that are integral in driving the local and national economy. Despite several years of uncertainty and the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many recent business success stories across Manchester and the wider area.

Lomature is a Manchester-based airline software company that has been thriving and helping airlines to overcome the difficulties that the industry has faced due to travel restrictions, fuel price increases and other factors that affect company performance.

Despite the crisis in the industry, Lomature has been able to secure contracts with some of the biggest airlines in the world, such as KLM, Virgin Atlantic and Avanti.

In times where many businesses have been forced to close or reduce operations, Lomature has been expanding and providing innovative solutions to enable airlines to reduce costs and improve processes.

The majority of industries have been heavily impacted by challenges related to the cost of living crisis and increasing energy and fuel prices, but airlines have had many more problems to overcome in the last few years when flights were grounded.

Lomature in flight software helps airlines


How Lomature benefits the airline industry

The travel industry has experienced major disruption through the pandemic and is now in the recovery stage, where making the right decisions and effectively managing finances is critical. Lomature’s software and services deliver airlines a competitive advantage, by identifying efficiencies and cost savings that can be made with in-flight catering systems.

Through sophisticated analysis tools, accurate reporting and a comprehensive suite of intelligence reports, Lomature provides the data and insights that help businesses to make key decisions that can drive their long-term success.

In addition to helping airlines to operate more cost-efficiently, Lomature’s software features can also help to improve the passenger experience by improving in-flight services. By enhancing the passenger experience, airlines can benefit from more repeat customers who have been impressed with the service they received.

With so many different airlines to choose from, finding advantages over competitors is essential and Lomature’s software and services are delivering these advantages.


Ready for the re-launch

As a company that is at the forefront of airline catering management digital innovation, Lomature has been developing further features and capabilities to help airlines to navigate today’s challenges and to be better prepared for the future.

Lomature is excited to announce a re-launch of their software, providing the latest in-flight catering system technology to enable airlines to develop, plan and define products and services more efficiently.

This Manchester-based company is hitting big on the international landscape and the re-launch of their software and the many benefits it can drive for airlines could put them further on the map

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