Initial Problem:

Originally, KLM Inflight faced challenges with their menu recording and management processes, using a variety of disparate systems such as Excel sheets and PDF documents for different caterers. Their method relied on manual copying, renaming, and checking of Excel sheets whenever changes were made. With four menu cycles per year, and unique menus for a multitude of stations, KLM encountered difficulties in maintaining organisation, accuracy and efficiency.

They began to explore other options such as SAP, but this proved impractical due to time-constraints. Then, after speaking to their friends at Virgin Atlantic, they learnt about Lomature and became intrigued by the potential of their inflight service system. To learn more, KLM visited Virgin and gained further insight into their menu management processes. Recognising the alignment between their needs and Lomature’s expertise, KLM reached out for assistance.


KLM desired a solution specifically tailored to their needs. Their goal was to replicate and improve upon the functions and capabilities of their previous menu administration processes, within a comprehensive content management system, ensuring uniformity and minimising errors. Lomature responded through Promeus, their end-to-end inflight service system that could be adapted to KLM’s requirements.


Engaging all facets, including caterers, controlling teams, procurement, IT, and the inflight food and beverage department, KLM and Lomature collaborated closely to integrate Promeus. The solution evolved over time, accommodating KLM’s evolving needs, and fostering effective communication and cooperation among all parties.


Today, Promeus has become an integral part of KLM’s daily operations. Suppliers and caterers have embraced the inflight service system as the new standard, promoting consistency and enhancing efficiency across the board. Ongoing support from Lomature, facilitates continuous improvement in KLM’s menu management work flows, enabling achievement of optimum results.

Promeus has become an indispensable tool for KLM, empowering them to deliver exceptional inflight dining experiences to their valued passengers, whilst ensuring, accuracy, efficiency and seamless operations.