The Future of Culinary Tourism

Food tourism

In recent years, there has been a shift in people’s tastes when it comes to food. More and more people are willing to try new things and experiment with different flavours in food and drink as they are allowed to venture out into the world and experience new and exciting things such as food tours, cooking classes and food festivals for the perfect tourism experience.

Food is now seen to be at the forefront of many peoples travelling plans. They will choose a destination based on its cuisine, rather than its attractions. According to a World Tourism Report from 2012 88.2% of people that were surveyed said that local cuisine is the defining element of their travel destination choice.

Whilst the travel industry is being affected by this in a positive light, let’s not forget the other aspects that influence our decisions from social media posts to blogs, there are several reas

Asian Food

ons why we make the decisions we do with culinary tourism.

Social Media

There is no doubt that social media plays a large role in gastronomy tourism, allowing the world to show off their triumphs and connect them to others with similar interests around the world. The largest social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok have made it easier for people to share photos, videos, and reviews of their dining experiences with their online communities.

As a result of social media posts, people are more exposed to different cuisines and dining experiences than ever before and in addition to this, influencers from platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are now being paid to travel and experience the delights of native countries it has become more popular than ever to experience the same things as those you “follow”.


Asian FoodThere are now travellers dedicated to sharing traditional foods from all corners of the world, allowing you to experience new things alongside them or take the journey for yourself. ‘Gastro-Tourism’ blogs are now a thing of the modern world we live in and allow you to express your encounters in native countries and share them with a new age of travellers.

People now go looking for that unique and memorable experience so that they can share it in blogs for others to read all over the world. Many with food and beverage choices at the top of their tourism activity agenda. Bloggers like the Food Travelist and Legal Nomads are highly respected in the culinary tourism fields and are looked at by members of the public for review and assistance when choosing a location, based upon culinary practice.

An Airlines Perspective

Airline moguls such as Emirates and Etihad are seen as high-class airlines in the long-haul flight industry, and these are both aware of the importance of the flyer’s dining experience. Both companies are always on the lookout for the latest food trends so they can offer their passengers the best possible experience and stay current or ahead of their competitors.

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