The Global In-Flight Catering Services Market

According to a report from Global Industry Analysts Inc on in-flight catering services, the global in-flight catering services market is set to reach $21.5 Billion by 2024 with a CAGR of 4.6%, with Europe at the centre of the competitive landscape with the largest share of the global catering market at 27.1%.

This is a market that is being driven by an increase in the number of people travelling by air globally, both for business and tourism. Since the Covid-19 crisis and the rapid decline in air travel, it is exciting to see the world getting back to normal allowing businesses in sectors such as these to strive once more.

The Passengers

Passengers in-flightPassengers are not only searching for the cheapest and quickest route anymore. They are searching for quality; consistency and the best passenger experience they can have from an airline. This is where the in-flight services on an airline play a large role. Customers that have a bad experience on a flight with food and drink are less likely to fly with that airline again and vice versa.

Today, many airlines are working with celebrity chefs such as James Martin and Gordon Ramsey to create customised menus that offer passengers a much better taste experience. As a result of this trend, the overall market dynamics of global in-flight catering services are currently in a state of change and streamlining.

These new and innovative services not only come with the benefit of working with a large, globally known name but also have led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction levels and an uptick in sales for inflight catering services.


Behind The Scenes

What the public may not be aware of, is that behind that smooth and seamless in-flight service is usually software or several different software allowing that experience to be possible.

There is numerous software out there that an airline can use to manage its in-flight services, but there is only one service that can do everything. Promeus by Lomature is a full end-to-end software used by numerous businesses in the industry including airline mogul Virgin Atlantic.

Promeus allows both caterer and airline to access the same documentation for flights, minimising time and cost for both parties when it comes to planning airline meals. It can do everything from menu administration to invoicing, allowing every airline to run smoothly and focus on the customer experience even more.

Lomature is not only the creator of Promeus but with over 25 years of experience in the industry, they are the only corporation on the market that can manage other in-flight software of their competitors such as AirVision Inflight by Sabre and GP4 by Paxia.

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