The Top Challenges: In-flight Catering Services

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The last few years of operating through the pandemic have been disruptive for most industries but few have faced challenges as difficult as the aviation industry. Lockdowns and travel restrictions saw a 97% reduction in UK flights between April 2019 and April 2020.

Over two years later, this industry is still recovering, with reduced flights an ongoing problem and the financial impact of the pandemic has been catastrophic, with estimates of over $370 billion lost in worldwide revenue. As the industry looks to make up for the lost revenue, there are new challenges that they now face, such as travellers’ priorities, hygiene and Covid safety procedures have become a higher priority to people over comfort when choosing an airline to fly with.

From the perspective of in-flight catering services, these are some of the key challenges companies are striving to overcome:

Restricted space run way worker

Working with restricted space is a long-term problem for airlines, due to the aircraft dimension requirements and design. Accurate consumption forecasting is vital to ensuring that storage space is not wasted and so that the limited space can be optimised for catering.


Flight delays are common and since the industry has been back up and running, we have seen an increase in flight delays due to staffing problems. A lot of people within this industry had to look for work else wear during the pandemic and so job roles such as baggage handlers saw a decline.

After many aviation workers were forced to seek other work opportunities, it takes time to recruit and train more staff and this has been one of the main causes of delays that catering services have to workaround.

Consumer expectations have grown

Over time, the expectations for in-flight food and drink provisions have grown, even on budget airlines. There is an increased demand for a wider range of products as well as the need to cater for different dietary needs.

Reduced lead timesairport queues

Many airline catering companies have experienced a change in how much lead time is provided for orders, with changes to flights happening more frequently, which they have to adapt to. Therefore, the production processes must be faster and more agile. Real-time information is crucial in effective planning, production and delivery of catering for the service to operate as efficiently as possible.

Promeus can help with all that

Airlines must be able to provide passengers with a high-quality catering service to compete with other airlines during this challenging time of industry recovery. Using innovative technology such as Promeus to manage your in-flight catering provisions.

Promeus has numerous modules that you can utilise to run a smooth ship (or should we say plane!). Our Service Planning module allows you to maximise the stock you have onboard filling each space, whilst our Flight bill module allows both cater and airline to inform the other of any last-minute changes that have been made to either the passenger count or the provisions provided.

Find out more about our cloud-based system Promeus, and find out how we can streamline your airline!

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