What is the Difference Between Airline Classes?

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The airline industry is always looking to improve its services to provide as many options for travellers as possible, from the catering and the in-flight experience to offering different choices of class to sit in. Many travellers will simply book economy class tickets for short flights to take them to their holiday destinations, but some travellers want to travel in greater comfort.

Key differences between each class:


As the name suggests, this is the type of seat that offers the cheapest option for flying. With this type of ticket, you will have the most basic services and have limited legroom and the smallest size of seat (typically 16-19 inches in width). The seating and services in economy will vary in quality from one airline to another but the travellers who want to fly in the most budget-friendly way choose economy.

Premium Economy

Many airlines now offer premium economy, which provides wider seats and more legroom, for an extra premium. Some airlines also include complimentary food or other perks such as a better seating position on the plane. Usually, the added premium will be relatively small, less than £40 in most cases.


The business class was originally designed to offer a more affordable high-class flying experience to people travelling for business purposes. Now, business class is seen more as a middle option between economy and first-class for travellers who want a better quality of flight experience without paying the price for the more expensive option.

Lie-flat seats are included in some airlines’ business class, giving passengers a more comfortable way to travel and sleep. In-flight entertainment options are usually of a good standard and the catering service will be significantly higher quality than the economy class, with personal minibars also common with some airlines.

First Class

If money was no object, everybody would choose to fly first class and enjoy the benefits of this superior flight experience. First class service is slightly different across the range of airlines but typically, a lie-flat seat with adjustable firmness is a guarantee and some even have a massage feature. Higher up the airline standards scale, you can pay for a suite with a double bed and a bathroom with a shower. First-class flight options have bars to relax in and gourmet meals are standard. The only flight experience higher than first class is to have your private plane with these types of features.

What are the cost differences? 

The cost of tickets will depend on several factors, including the current cost of fuel, the journey length and whether it is peak season. Generally, business class tickets will cost 3 or 4 times more than economy. First-class tickets can cost tens of thousands of pounds, so this option is unaffordable or an unnecessary luxury for many people.

Best airlines for each class

Economy – There are a few airlines that offer a much better quality of economy service, but Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways get the best ratings from customers.

Business – Qatar Airways is also rated very highly for business class, while Eva Air, Singapore Airlines and Delta Airlines also provide the best level of luxury.

First Class – For the ultimate first-class flight experience, Emirates, Etihad, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines are the ones to choose if you have the money to spend.

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