Which Airline Do You Think Has the Best Food Quality?

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After the major disruption to the travel industry in recent years due to the pandemic, airlines need to be able to offer a higher quality of service compared to their competitors, with the industry still in recovery.

When travellers are choosing between different airlines, they tend to compare costs, flight times and reputation but there has been an increase in travellers who want to enjoy a more luxurious experience on their flight. As a result, providing improved inflight dining options and quality has become a top priority for airlines.

These are the airlines with the best food quality according to customer reviews:

Emirates Airline


Emirates has a good reputation for providing high quality food and snacks to passengers and not just in First Class, Economy passengers can enjoy a good selection of meals too. Passengers have complimentary drinks included with a tasty meal such as pizza, grilled chicken or vegetable paella.

Swiss International

 The menu on Swiss International flights includes meals such as beef tenderloin, veal and local cheeses. The First Class dining experience is likened to eating in a gourmet restaurant, with meals accompanies by regional wines.

Air France

 French cuisine is renowned around the world and the Air France catering lives up to the country’s culinary reputation. Top French chefs create the menus for the inflight meals and the presentation of the meals is of a higher standard than most competitor airlines. The menu choice from Paris flights includes the Fauchon gourmet experience, a healthy menu, a traditional menu with local French products and the Fun menu which is a favourite for children’s meals.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is famous for the luxury travel experience, with four celebrity chefs creating the prestigious menus, including Nobu Matsuhisa of the famous Nobu fine dining restaurants. The food is already waiting for passengers when they arrive at their seat, so there is no waiting around. Options such as the gourmet vegan menu provide passengers with excellent dining choices.

Etihad Airways

Etihad AirlineEtihad Airways inflight catering includes free beverages on every flight and offers a great range of menu options in Economy, Business and First Class. In Business and First Class, you have the option of what time you want to have your food and you can expect extras such as champagne to accompany your fine dining.

Providing a top dining experience helps airlines to boost their reputation and ensure that passengers want to travel with them again in the future. Lomature catering systems identify areas of the catering experience that can be improved and streamlines logistics so that airlines can focus on creating the highest quality of inflight menus.


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