Which Airlines Serve the Best Snacks?

Virgin Flight

Airlines have to be able to offer better services and unique options to stay ahead of their competitors and to ensure that customers continue to use their airline for many years. One key area of impressing passengers is the in-flight service they receive, from the friendliness of the flight attendants to the quality of meals served.

Small touches like complimentary snacks can go a long way towards pleasing passengers, so having a good snack selection can help ensure passengers remember the good quality of service, leave good online reviews, recommend it to friends and also use your company in future.

These are the airlines renowned for their great snack choice:

Air France

Passengers of Air France can expect a fresh croissant or a sandwich that isn’t too far away from the quality you would find at a nice Parisian patisserie.

Swiss International Airlines

Chocoholics will love this airline’s snacks, which are one of the country’s best exports – Swiss chocolate bars.

Virgin Australia

Although the snack offering on Virgin Australia flights regularly change, they are always locally sourced artisan produce and they don’t get many complaints about their snack choice.

Turkish Airlines

This all comes down to personal choi

ce, but fans of traditional Turkish delights enjoy the sweet snacks on this airline.

Jet Blue Flight

Jet Blue

Passengers flying domestically across the US with Jet Blue are presented with a box of snacks including some of the most popular American nibbles, such as chocolate chip cookies and Cheez-Its.


Delta is one of the biggest domestic airlines in the US and the great selection of snacks has helped to build up a reputation for a great flight experience. Passengers can choose between roasted peanuts, pretzels and Biscoff cookies or for the healthier alternative yoghurt granola bars are offered.



Hawaiian Airlines

A more unusual type of snack makes sure that a Hawaiian Airlines flight experience stands out from other airlines. The furikake chips are made from look Hawaiian ingredients including sweet potato.

British Airways

To give passengers a timely energy boost ready for luggage collection,

StroopwafelsBA gives out retro sweets such as Refreshers and other chewy candy sweets.


Passengers on board a Qantas flight have the choice between chocolate cookies and tamari almonds to fill the gap until their next meal.

United Airlines

US domestic flight operator United Airlines offers some top-notch snack options, such as Stroopwafels or ranch-flavoured snack mix.

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